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Note: We cannot give any warranty or whats ever to make the uploaded files available. We explicitely reserve to ourselves the right:
  • to test the code for its functionality.
  • to change or adjust the description, the file name and the file area.
  • to perform a virus scan on the files.
  • to modify the code (for instance for small corrections, in order to make the source code fit to run under different compiler versions).
  • to withdraw the code from the server at any time.
The first availibility of uploaded sources at the PBHQ BBS may fall a couple of hours, or even days, after your upload. During that time the source code can be downloaded from our upload directory. This is completely at the user's own risk!

By uploading a file, the author explicitely grants us the permission to unveil it on other systems having a connection with the PBHQ BBS as well.


Special offer for German, Dutch, European and all other programmers using PowerBasic for DOS and/or PowerBASIC for Windows! We're pleased to give you the opportunity to advertize your sources, projects or toolboxes in either our filebase or on our web servers. It's also possible to utilize the IRC-service and the news server in order to support any of your PowerBASIC projects.

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