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What's new:

July 2018

- Update to Https - www.pbhq.com, www.pbhq.de, www.pbhq.eu, archive.gohel.de (Historical PowerBASIC pages)
- Add Http/2.0 support
- Add informations for EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) / EU Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (EU-DSGVO)

October 2013

- some fixed links

January 2007

- the Ftp-Server is now available from webbrowsers by http (http://ftp.pbhq.com)
Note: for better support for clients with broken ftp implementations, users behind company firewalls and other mistakes
- the Webserver is now ready for Apache 2.2.4
- completely rewritten html pages, all pages updated for valid html syntax
- forced CSS and better layout
- all PowerBASIC.GER FAQ html pages rewritten
- new version of the online search tools (search.pbhq.com)
- new version of the filebase search tools (www.pbhq.de/filebase/)
- new version of the filebase tool, itselfs
- User-Upload Area rewritten
- new version of the pbupload tool, itselfs
- Mozilla/Firefox searchplugins updated
- UKAW/UKAD updated
- PowerBASIC News Feed is now available in an Atom 1.0 version (required for IE7.0)
- some protections against formular spam
- all old pages from the www.gohel.de site removed and redirected by RewriteRule to www.pbhq.de

September 2006

- www.pbhq.com is online
- search.pbhq.com, ftp.pbhq.com, news.pbhq.com & irc.pbhq.com is available
- a bunch of pages updated and translated to other languages
- better Multi Language Support

April 2006

- www.pbhq.eu & www.basicguru.eu is online

January 2006

- the IRC-Server is now available from webbrowsers by http (http://irc.pbhq.de)

September 2005

- search.pbhq.de is online
- some pages updated
- Interview of Thomas Gohel
- PowerBASIC history and more page
- Multi Language Support activated

March 2005

- UKAD/UKAW pages updated
- new Mozilla/Firefox searchplugins page for PowerBASIC users
- some fixes for Mozilla and Firefox
- daily updated filebase

February 2005

- Online search for the PowerBASIC Filebase updated
- Mozilla/Firefox searchplugins for PowerBASIC users

January 2005

- Online search for the PowerBASIC Filebase implemented
- Beta-Test for Online search in PowerBASIC Newsgroups & Webforums started
- faster access and downloads
- PBNEWS page updated
- RA2HTML page updated
- RA2HTML/Win32 and RA2HTML/CGI (used by the Online search)

December 2004

- new machine with a better CPU and lots of more RAM
- IRC-Server for Online Chats (irc.pbhq.de)
- historical access to the PBSOUND HQ BBS via a Telnet session

August/September 2004

- The PBSOUND BBS is now directly on the Net! (www.pbhq.de)
- The Ftp-Server "ftp.pbhq.de" is now available!
direct access to the Remote Access filebase without any mirror
daily updated filebase
- The Newsserver "news.pbhq.de" is now available!
PowerBASIC Newsgroup
with Nntp-Mirror of PowerBASIC Inc. Webforum
with Nntp-Mirror of Kirschbaum Software Webforum
- New homepage design
- all pages rewriten and checked for HTML compatibility (I hope, grin)
- a lots of software pakets updated
- added some new software (PBMAIL, PBNEWS, RA2HTML, FERULES, SpamProxy)

Years 2002-2004

- I haven't enough time to update the homepage, sorry
- Building of my own house, getting married, and some other things
- CrossPoint Clients (UKAW/UKAD)
- a bunch of new versions


- CrossPoint Clients (UKAW/UKAD)
New Version 2.90 of UKAW (Win32 Pop3/Smtp/Nntp-Client for CrossPoint)
New Version 1.90 of UKAD (DOS Pop3/Smtp/Nntp-Client for CrossPoint)
New Bitmap-WoaFonts with Euro support (Char 128)


- CrossPoint Clients (UKAW/UKAD)
New Version 2.85 of UKAW (Win32 Pop3/Smtp/Nntp-Client for CrossPoint)
New Version 1.85 of UKAD (DOS Pop3/Smtp/Nntp-Client for CrossPoint)
Filebase on Basicguru updated and some other little changes
German PowerBASIC-Newsgroup


CrossPoint Clients (UKAW/UKAD)
New Version of UKAW (Win32 Pop3/Smtp/Nntp-Client for CrossPoint)
New Version of UKAD (DOS Pop3/Smtp/Nntp-Client for CrossPoint)
Update of some links, pages and logos


- UKAW it's now ready for public Beta testing
- Update of some URL's


- Some minor changes
some unimportant chances with the PB-versions in the PBFAQ
updates of the urls (PowerBASIC filebase, pbarchiches)
new url for Robert Boeck's port of CrossPoint's UUZ
update of the ASM86.GER FAQ


- UKAW Update
Go to the "CrossPoint & UKAW page"
Your solution to connect POP3, SMTP and NNTP servers within a Win32 Dos-box.
UKAW is written with the PowerBASIC Console Compiler, all sources available.


- The filebase of the PBSOUND-HQ BBS is mirrored
Thanks to Dave Navarro for the Webspace on his Basicguru Server


- New version of Special Power
SPECIAL POWER is a shareware-toolbox for particular problems with the most projects under PowerBASIC. It contains special solutions and tools which are indispensable for the daily work.


- PowerBASIC v3.50
See what's new in version 3.50
What bugs are fixed
- PowerBASIC.GER - FAQ v0.90
Update to PowerBASIC v3.50
New descriptions to some bugs
- PBSOUND v1.90
Support for Win95 long filenames
- New Filebase Entries
- and a lot of other important stuff {grin}


- Now with frames, for a better handling of this homepage {g}
- Some updates in the PowerBASIC.GER-FAQ
- Some fixes for the MS InterNet Exploxer
- New Filebase Entries


- Some updates in the PowerBASIC.GER-FAQ
Thanks to Dave Navarro, myself {g}, Matthaeus Stadler, Marc van den Dikkenberg and Brian McLaughlin.
Note: No changes in the bug section! We are waiting of an answer to our questions Dave {g}
- "Quadromania PC" (incl. Sound with PBSOUND) by Thomas Gohel
- The new URL for the great german PowerBASIC.GER Conference on the Net:
Thanks to Christian Wendler: JAMWeb and his new Server


- Netscape 3.00 Update


- The german PowerBASIC Conference on the Net: PowerBASIC.GER (FidoNet)
Thanks to Christian Wendler: JAMWeb


- PowerBASIC FileBase:The PBSOUND Headquarter BBS - FileBase
The filebase of my BBS goes to the Net!
Thanks to myself: RA2HTML (Remote Access to HTML Conversion Utility)
Thanks to some PowerBASIC sources on the Web. I use this sites for my "Alias-URL" configuration file for RA2HTML.


- A dream is true: PowerBASIC.GER - Rules, Information
Thanks to all german PowerBASIC programmers!
Thanks to Egbert Ziljema (for NL-Version of the Rules)
Thanks to Stephan Günther for Rendering


- PowerBASIC-FAQ, issue January 1997
- PBFAQ: Contents of a Directory will be deleted with KILL
Thanks to Alexander Podkolzin
- PBFAQ: The thing with the "USR" string - some new and updates of links on the 'PowerBASIC on Web' page


- New WWW-Adress for Zephyr-Software
Thanks to Daniel Sill


- PowerBASIC-FAQ, issue October 1996
SWAP bug
Multiplexer problem with REG


- The PBSOUND Headquarter BBS is Online!
Germany's greatest PowerBASIC Archiv
- The next version of Wolfgangs Bruske's raycasting engine is now available - with texture mapping


- PowerBASIC Syntax Highlighting in the IDE
by Andras Hoeffken (see in topic 'PowerBASIC sources'
incl. support for QuickBASIC, Basic PDS
- The original author of the REVERSI game is Peter Cooper {g}


- The ASM86.GER - FAQ
The common FAQ of the german FidoNet-Echo "ASM86.GER"


- PowerBASIC Games
Kampf um Trubelland
Raycasting Engine
- new bugs in PowerBASIC
2.xx. Crash of the PowerBASIC IDE in the Pick- Menu
2.xx. Crash of the PowerBASIC IDE with faulty Syntax
4.10. HEX$-DWORD Routine for PowerBASIC 3.1/3.2


- Informations to the PowerBASIC User Club (PBUC)
- Informations to the german Basic Network (BasNet)
- incl. Beginner Kit and FAQ
- actual Release v0.72 of the PowerBASIC-FAQ
- new URL's for Tim Gerchmez and Edward T.Schlunders Homepage
- any little fixes


- the "KEY ON" Bug in PowerBASIC 3.x
Thanks to Dr.P.Jennewein
- new sources: SHOWTIME.BAS
Thanks to Egbert Zijlema
- new sources: BARCODE.BAS and BARCODE2.BAS


Public domain player package
- contains the VOC/MID-player, speaker-player and conversion tools (from the original PBSOUND toolkit)


- The PBSOUND Homepage - now under the TOP 5% of german WEB-Sites!!
- Thanks to the 'DOS - International', a german PC magazin
- SB16/SBAWE Graphic mixer + oszilloscope
- public domain source for PBSOUND by Andras Hoeffken (see on the PBSOUND Download page!)
- Update of Dave Navarro's URL
- Thanks to Dave Navarro


- PBSOUND v1.80 (english/german version)
- now also with english Online-Help (and other english updates)
- incl. ASP/CSP-chip compression
- Update of the 'PDS to PB conversion' page (PowerBASIC-FAQ)
Thanks to Mark Junker
- Update of the 'PB toolboxes' page (PowerBASIC-FAQ / PBSOUND)
- Update of Marc van Dikkenberg's URL (PowerBASIC archives)
Thanks to Marc van Dikkenberg


Thanks to Mark Junker, Egbert Zijlema, Holger Fillbrandt
- English sources now also available
- Update of the PowerBASIC on Web page
- New start pages (index.html)
- Update of the toolbox and soures page (PowerBASIC-FAQ)
- Update of any pages (little bugs)


- New WWW-Adress for Zephyr-Software
Thanks to Daniel Sill
- New page: "What's new" {g}

(c) 1996/2018 by Thomas Gohel, All rights reserved


Special offer for German, Dutch, European and all other programmers using PowerBasic for DOS and/or PowerBASIC for Windows! We're pleased to give you the opportunity to advertize your sources, projects or toolboxes in either our filebase or on our web servers. It's also possible to utilize the IRC-service and the news server in order to support any of your PowerBASIC projects.

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