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Features of this PBMAIL Demo:

- simple Pop3/Imap/Smtp-Examples (without News Kernel)
- read/writes UUCP-Style Batched Smtp Files
- Pop3 "APOP" Support (RFC 1939)
- Pop3 "AUTH" Support (RFC 1734)
- Pop3 "SASL" Support (RFC 2449)
- Imap "SASL" Support (RFC 2449)
- Smtp After Pop3 Support
- Smtp "SASL" Support (RFC 2554)
- Smtp/Pop3/Imap "AUTH LOGIN" Support
- Smtp/Pop3 "AUTH PLAIN" Support
- Smtp/Pop3/Imap "AUTH DIGEST-MD5" Support (RFC 2831)
- Smtp/Pop3/Imap "AUTH CRAM-MD5" Support (RFC 2104 und RFC 2202)
- RBL-Support (IP-Blacklists)
- internal Spamfilter (based on the CrossSecretary kernel)
- Envelope-To and Envelope-From addressing (BCC/CC)
- Routines for reading and writing mails via POP3/IMAP and SMTP
- Parsing of ISO and UTF-8 decoded headers

- required PowerBASIC Windows Compiler v6.00/v7.00

Story of PBMAIL:

PBMAIL is the public part of a bunch sources from the very popular Pop3/Imap/Smtp/Nntp-Client UKAW, a tool for the german Mail- and Newsreader CrossPoint.

For more infos to the CrossPoint Sourcecode-Project, see:

- http://www.freexp.de (FreeXP Developer, DOS)
- http://www.xp2.de (XP2 Developer, DOS, OS/2 & Win32)
- http://www.openxp.de (Win32 & Linux)
- news.freexp.de (public Newsserver of the FreeXP-Team)

and for UKAW:

*https://www.pbhq.de/ukaw/ (Win32) client)
*https://www.pbhq.de/ukad/ (DOS port of UKAW)


Screenshots of PBMAIL:



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